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Clusterfuck D:

Posted by pheel - May 1st, 2009

Got a few projects on the go atm and it's starting to confuse me :S

Currently the one set for next release is A Little Respect by Erasure. I might be able to get it done this weekend, if not then sometime next week.
However eXterminate9 contacted me and asked me to create an 8bit rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine. Depending on how urgently he needs it that may be the next release, not sure yet.

I also have a couple of beta projects waiting in the wings, Hotel California by The Eagles and my attempt at Guitar vs Piano 2 in 8bit :)
It's proving to be a bit more complicated than 1.2 but we'll see what happens.

Well I've got to go to work in a couple of hours so lets see how much of this I can get done.

Oh and I hit 100 favourites today :D So thanks a lot guys :) I appreciate it.

Clusterfuck D:

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that is awesome. but if i could ask? could you make an 8 bit metallica or iron maiden song? if you have the time. or if you feel like it. you dont have to but it would be nice if you did. Please??????????????????????

That might be a problem :P
I'm not too keen on either of them :) aha

If you have any song requests then I'll have a think about it.

aaaaawwww. but what ever you dont have to maybe holiday by green day

or canadian idiot by weird al?

Maybe a Green Day song from back when they were good :P and not a bunch of hypocritical sellouts

ok but if you have 100 favorites list howcome im the only one commenting.

Cause you're the only one that cares D: awww

Nah, cause you are?
Who cares really, it's only NewGrounds :P

Great job on hitting the 100 mark.

BTW, nice review on that one user that bashed your music. Just gotta love users like that. (Sarcasm)

Thanks very much :)
I appreciate the support.

Haha thanks :P
Oh you do like, they're hilarious.

Pretty awesome stuff! And grats on the favs!

Also, I must ask you something rather dire: May I use one of your tracks for a person site of mine? I am making a collection of random BGMs as to prevent the silence from making people bored.

Either way, love your stuff!

Yeah sure mate
Link me to the site ;) I'll have a look

I did fav u!

Only 100? With how badass your music is it should be like a 1000!

I love your songs ive been able to review some of them
Keep it up your on your way!

For gods sake, RUSH SWEET CHILD O' MINE!!! FOR ME!!!!

you song is very cool