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Love it

Aww it's nice that it all worked out in the end :)
I'm going to miss this series. :(

Great work once again mate.

Wow :D

It was well worth the wait.

You've put a lot of time and effort into this and it really shows.

Nice job man :)

You know what..

there are far worse things on Newgrounds than this.

If you look at all the fucking shit that passed judgement over the years from the likes of CC, KK and all those other shameful groups, this looks pretty epic in comparison.

Your animating does need work, but I think you will be able to develop them :)
But thanks for reminding me what should and should not be on this site :)

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What's peoples problem?

Yeah, so it's the same as a the Alien Hominid mini game. So what? It's a fun game.

There's nothing better than bringing a good console mini game to a flash format but it's the masterfully satirical way in wich you did it that made me enjoy it.

Well done.

There's nothing quite like the feeling...

of killing everyone in the whole world :)
A truely terrifying game to be honest, like Greynn said, what if this happened :|
It's a lot of fun though and very original.

Excellently Done


I suck i can't do it :P
hehe it's a pretty good game, well structured and perfectly in time.
Thanks for using my track, it's nice to see it went to some use after all :)

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I was browsing the new submissions on the AP front page when I saw this just about to disappear off the bottom. And my God am I glad I caught it.

What can I say, you've defintely blown mine out of the water. This is truely spectacular. The guitar was spot on, the percussion was brilliant and the improvisation was a fantastic touch.

One of the finest pieces of music I've heard on NewGrounds.
Awesome work.

rtnario responds:

Thank you for your review pheel, I appreciate it, but don't forget that something I appreciate more is that you remixed it. My original blog entry (which is now also my most recent News post) says that I discovered The YuYu through your remixes. That's what made me want to remix it myself in the first place.

Again, thanks for the review and for submitting your three remixes here in NG for everyone to hear!


It's pretty good.
I love the song and the movies but the break between each riff let it down.

That was never in the original track and unfortunately reminds me of that god damn frog -_-

That aside it's still as catchy and addictive as it has always been.

Good job


First let ME say that this is true phenomenal.
It sounds so powerful and moving. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this.
Excellent work.

I havn't played it yet. Got to wait 'till January but I'm all the more looking forward to it now :)

A first class submission.

NemesisTheory responds:

hey, half the credit goes to the original lol!
it's a pretty simple but powerful melody, it's crazy how that works sometimes.

i'm sure you'll love the game :)

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